历史 of Swift County

Swift County was organized on February 18, 1870 and was named in honor of Henry Swift, Governor of Minnesota in 1863. 它位于该州的中西部,面积为757平方英里,分为三层,每层有7个乡镇.

Three citizens, C.E. 培养,.W. Lathrop和Iver Knudson被选为第一届委员会成员. These men did not realize, 也许, 这是董事会在未来管理这一大片地区时将面临的重大任务. Though the population numbered less than 1,000 and these widely scattered, a beginning had to be made. With people crowding into the County, 它们的问题是确保各领土分区在理事会中有足够的代表, and efficient local governments; that school districts were equitably carved out and the work well supervised; that funds were provided for the many activities which soon became a part of the normal function of the County offices.

委员们在第一次会议上讨论了第一个问题. The County was divided into Commissioner districts. 第一个区被组织成费尔菲尔德镇,包括县的西端, the town of Camp Lake including the east end, 本森镇和本森镇监督中心乡镇.

除了建立镇政府和组织学区之外, 委员们面临着为该县的业务筹措资金的问题. At this early date, there was little money that could be raised by taxation and there was little need for large expenditures; but some things were necessary. 然而, not before the fourth session (March 25, 1871) did the Commissioners allow any bills, 这在很大程度上是由于第一届会议上对记录本和文具的要求被移走了. For the County 审计师, supplies to the value of $50 were purchased; for the Register of Deeds, $100; a seal and blank checks, $13.98; stationery and expenses incurred by A.W. 莱斯罗普,2美元.45. 每位县专员也得到了服务账单,共计44美元.88.

1871年9月5日,委员会成立了第一个平等委员会. 本森和费尔菲尔德的马的评估估值为营湖的平均- 68美元.88. Cattle were rated at $24.28 and sheep at $2.00. A few reductions in real estate values‑ were made. 还决定为下一年筹集下列款项:过去的债务和利息, $350; current expenses, $900; and for the County Poor Fund, $100.

到1878年,该县合法选民的数量已经增加到如此程度(上次选举投了800张选票),以至于委员们在12月2日做出了决定, 1878, 重新划分该县的地区,以便增加两名董事会成员. 按照投票的数目进行划分.

在1871年3月的会议上,改善道路的问题被提出来讨论. 最初的道路不过是马车的足迹——从宅基地到最近的邻居和贸易中心,穿过大草原的捷径. Until pressure of population became greater, 专员们很自然地推迟了道路建设方面的任何有力行动.

During the first three years, only $142.52 was used in road construction; less than the amount spent on the County poor ‑ $174.70. 然而,下一份财务报告显示收入为667美元.45 in the County road and bridge fund.

从1875年起,委员会的大部分时间都用于审议公路请愿书. 因为大多数道路建设最初是在乡镇监督下完成的,实际上是允许人头税在劳动中计算出来的政策, the sums expended remained compara­tively small; that raised by the County distributed equally among the vari­ous towns.

八十年代初,一场要求改善高速公路的运动开始兴起, 因为许多人已经相信,良好的道路会带来更好的时光. 一位报纸编辑在1885年发表声明说:“对斯威夫特县的公民来说,道路问题比谁将成为总统的问题更重要。."

1876年春天,立法机关批准在本森建造一座法院. 3月26日, 1897, 由于旧法院太小,无法满足该县日益增长的需要,委员们投票决定登广告投标建造一座新法院. 多年来,法院已经翻新了几次. It was declared a national historic site in 1976.

1880年,该县的公民可以自豪地看到他们的移民同胞在第一个十年定居期间取得的成就, 因为一个为下一代提供文明的实质框架已经建立起来了. 当我们考虑到1870年该县大约600人的总数时, the population had increased to 7,尽管时局艰难,移民潮一定很强大. In 1900, the population had reached 13,503.

献给19世纪60年代第一次来到这片地区的拓荒者, it must have presented to the naked eye a vast, 平, monotonous stretch of land, un­broken even by trees. 除了在溪边和湖边的小树林里可以找到一些木材, 在春天或夏天,一旦移民到来,没有什么可以阻止犁被投入使用. 农业过去是,现在仍然是斯威夫特县的主要产业.

斯威夫特县的简史是由斯威夫特县历史协会提交的,该协会成立于1929年11月. This information was taken from its archives.